The Furnace Synergy Series delivers lightweight, premium heat and innovative technology with superior value.

Lined with ultra warm Furnace quick dry, the double knit jersey creates air pockets that trap heat and allow for optimal drainage. A Superlight Foam core provides 250% stretch with excellent thermal retention, and a Superflex 250 Jersey tops it off for added insulation and low water absorption. Created with clean, contoured seams and optional color blocked panels, the Furnace Synergy delivers everything you demand from a premium wetsuit, without breaking the bank.

  • 5/4 mm women’s chest zip hooded wetsuit
  • WARMTH. Furnace Quick Dry Lining at font and back: large front and back seamless panels of a new double knit Furnace jersey creating pockets of air trapping body heat, as well as allowing it to drain and dry ultra fast
  • LIGHT. Superlight Foam Core: made from upcycled car tires, the light weight, high stretch foam core offers excellent thermal retention
  • STRETCH. Superflex 250 Jersey: Durable velcro resistant high stretch jersey with excellent hand feel and low water absorption. Stretches 250% its usual resting state
  • Chest zip entry system with internal GBS zipper barrier
  • External seams: twin needle stretch blind-stitch
  • Internal seams: machine-applied pressure-bonded stretch tape
  • Strategically placed seams

| Temperature Guide. 8°C – 14°C |



Cabrinha Spectrum


The Spectrum is designed for riders who need an all terrain model with a wide range of use.

Developments in design and construction have allowed us to deliver an all-terrain, all-round freeride model with the DNA and performance characteristics of a much more expensive model. The Spectrum has excellent upwind tracking which keeps you tight to the zone. Its softer flex pattern makes this one of the nicest rides in choppy waters. But it’s not just about comfort. The softer flex makes this board adaptable to whatever riding the day delivers.

Universele kite ventielen

Kite ventiel lek? Repareer het zelf met nieuwe Unipump ventielen. De ventielen zijn toepasbaar op letterlijk alle one pump kites! De outline van het ventiel is zo gevormd dat deze...

Kite ventiel laten upgraden naar de nieuwste generatie.

Kitesufers vragen ons vaak of ze hun ventielen kunnen laten vervangen voor de nieuwste generatie ventielen. Veel kitemerken hebben nieuwe ventielen ontwikkeld omdat de consument de vertrouwen kwijtraakte in de...

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